Hiking the Taconic Range

The Race Brook Trail leads to Race Brook Falls and eventually meets up with the Applalachian Trail. The trailhead is on Route 41 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and convenient parking is available. This trail is steep in some sections.   Mt. Everett and Mt. Race can be reached from the Appalachian Trail where the Race Brook Trail ends.  There are also camping facilities nearby. 

OpenTopoMap of the Race Brook Falls area

The Race Brook Trail is marked clearly with blue triangles. The stream crossings can be a little tricky though.

A view of the frozen lower falls in February.  You must take a side trail that veers to the right to get there.  Notice the interesting bluish color in the center.  As I was taking this photo, two hikers appeared at the top.  You can see them in the photo.  Then I heard one of them say, "Rope. Rope!"  Then I saw a rope heading down the frozen waterfall.  At that point, I decided move on.

The upper section of Race Brook Falls after a rainy week.  To continue on the trail, you must cross the brook at the bottom of the falls where the rocks are. 

A view of the frozen upper falls in February.  It is possible to see water flowing through a few of the openings.  

Looking down into the lower falls from the rock crossing. 

 Looking down into the upper falls.

This is what Race Brook looks like farther upstream.  Notice the green moss growing all around it.

Mountain laurels can be found growing around the streams.

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