Hiking the Taconic Range

If you enjoy nature walks and beautifuls views but don't particulary like long, grueling hikes, then Mountain Meadow Preserve is a wonderful place to visit.  The area is located on the border of Massachusetts and Vermont in the towns of Williamstown and Pownal.  There is parking on Mason Street off of Route 7  in Williamstown. The preserve covers a fairly diverse area that includes one enormous meadow full of flowers, butterflies and other wildlife.  The remainder is forest, which extend across a few modest hills with views of the Taconic Range and Mount Greylock.  The trail system is fairly complex, but there are clear signs at every junction. These trails are also used for horseback riding. 

OpenTopoMap of  Mountain Meadow Preserve

Click the picture above to watch a video of a deer in the parking area.  It is a download though.

There is a kiosk near the entrance to the trail system with a variety of brochures and maps.  Some trails have been mowed through the meadow. 

You can start to see some of the surroundings in the distance relatively early on. 

Looking east, you can see Mt. Prospect with Mt. Greylock behind it.  

Some of the Taconic Range in Massachusetts and Vermont comes into view. 

There are many trails in the preserve.  They are all very clearly marked.  Here you can see that the trails extend into Pownal, Vermont. 

Here is a lookout from an the old Mausert's campsite.  There is a fireplace on the left. 

If you look behind the trees, you can see a small and unusually low structure. 

There is a large meadow close to the parking lot.  It is probably mowed once a year to prevent tree growth.  The result is a vast field of wildflowers that attract all butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife.  

From the back of the meadow, you can geet a better view of the Williamstown and Mt. Greylock area. 

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