Hiking the Taconic Range

Bear Mountain is the highest peak in Connecticut, but it is not the highest elevation.  The highest elevation is on the south slope of Mt. Frissell which peaks in Massachusetts. Bear Mountain can be reached from route 41 in Salisbury on the Undermountain Trail, but there are at two other trailheads coming from the south and the north.  The photos on this page were taken in both the spring and the fall.  

OpenTopoMap of Bear Mountain

On the Undermountain Trail in early spring.

A green frog sitting in the moss.  Some frogs and toads in the mountains do not seem to be afraid of people.

This is the spot where the Undermountain Trail meets the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail is manicured in a few areas with stone steps.

A view south toward Lion's Head.  The Appalachian Trail runs across this hilly area.   

A view west toward Round Mountain, Mt. Frissell and Brace Mountain. 

Dwarfed pitch pines near the summit. 

A view of Twin Lakes to the east in Salisbury, Connecticut.

A monument citing erroneously that Bear Mountain is the highest point in the state. 

Alyssa reaching the top.  The piled up rocks help visitors see more of the surroundings.  There is more to see if you walk around the summit, especially on the west side.

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